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Lunch Food Travesty


     Look at those lunches, don’t they look delicious? Don’t you wish that when you were growing up you could have those healthy nutritious lunches? I definitely do. When I was growing up, the food was horrible. I went to school up in Gunnison, Colorado before I moved to Lamar. And the food in Gunnison was horrible. Chicken nuggets that weren’t cooked all the way through. Mac n’ cheese that looked plastic, and which by the way I did not eat. I hate Mac n’ cheese to this day. When I was in freshman and sophomore year of high school in Gunnison the lack of food was insane. They would bring restaurants in with big burritos or pizza hut, or you could get lunch out of the vending machine if you didn’t want any of the fast food or forgot to bring bagged lunch. Besides Gunnison having a lousy school staff, the food there sucks just as much. Not nutritional. Not even healthy at all. By the time I moved to Lamar, I got a little culture shock with the food. The food was actually pretty decent. I enjoyed it. But just like any other school in the U.S. it’s not good for you. The food in school systems is a load of crap. Nothing is actually good for you and your body.
      Around the world, kids get to eat amazing lunches. Did you see the photo at the beginning of the post? Yeah, if I was back in high school, I would love to be in Greece, Spain or Brazil. Not A fan of Korean food, some of it is delicious, but I don’t really like it. Look at those lunches. They are healthy. They are good for the body system. Not only that, it will fuel an athletic body like it should.
   Michelle Obama’s idea of a good lunch is completely wrong. She is definitely doing this wrong. She’s a lovely lady, salt of the earth, but when it comes to food she knows nothing of what to do. Food needs to fuel the body. It needs to be healthy. It needs to look like food from around the world. It shouldn’t look like munched up dog food and thrown on a plate. If I ever have kids, they are going to have nutritional food and be healthy. That’s what I want for everyone.

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