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#SavageNation: The Fight For The Name


      “One, two, three, Savages!” This has been shouted at every game since I can remember. Graduating from the best high school in the world (in my opinion), Lamar High School, I am frustrated by the war on the mascot name. Lamar High School in Lamar Colorado is known as the Lamar Savages. Go Savages!
       I’m proud to be a savage. I have great pride in my school. The teachers, sports, and school pride is why I love that place. I had the best time of my life at that school. I made some awesome friends, made the honor roll, spent my time on a couple of the sport teams and in the library. Every year, that school has a football game against our rival, LaJunta High School, in order to see who will get the whistle. This game is called the “whistle game”. Yes, we had our school drama issues with the pathetic school fights. But one thing that remained the same, our school pride. Our insane school spirit is like a little kid hopped on candy.
        But that sad thing has come to light. The war on the mascot and the name of my beloved high school is getting out of hand. The lawmakers are trying to ban the mascot and name of the school. Why? Because politicians have nothing better to do and are ignorantly stupid. Oh yes, I called them ignorant and stupid. Best two words to describe the politicians and lawmakers. Trust me on that. Apparently the mascot and nickname of my school are offensive. Wait, what? Hold the phone. I’m part Native American (Algonquin and Miami tribes) and I’m not offended at all. I have friends who are Native American as well and they are not offended at all. I can honestly say that this whole situation has gotten out of hand and not even worth going over. Washington D.C. is getting worse. They want to demolish anything that relates to this nations past. Now, my high school is not actually linked to any specific tribe, but it does show pride for all of the tribes from this country.
       Even though it has been five years since I have graduated from this high school, I can say that I’m extremely protective of my school. I have great pride in my school. I’m proud to be a Native American. I’m proud to be a savage. And I’m against what the lawmakers in Colorado and Washington  D.C. are doing. If I have to, I will stand at the podium and defend the name and mascot of my high school. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

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