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How to Feel Good Naked


      You walk out of the shower, and before you grab a towel you take a glance in the mirror. You stand there looking over every inch of your body. Then all of a sudden, you start to visualize your dream body. You start at your shoulders, make your way down to your breasts and hips and ending at your toes. Everyone has been there. I’ve been there. When I had body image issues I would do this myself. I would wish I was taller and more curvier, but in reality I know that can’t happen. I’m forever going to be 5’6″. And I will forever have a gymnast body shape, which has limited curves. My thick waist creates the illusion of small paunch. But I have found the key, well keys, to loving my naked body. Are you ready?
Ready. Set. Go!

1. Embrace your flaws.
Everyone has flaws. Even the supermodels on the runway. I have stretch marks on my thick thighs and also all around my hips, but I’ve learned to love them and accept them.

2. Love your personality.
Beauty is on the inside and on the outside. If you have a wonderful personality, then you have a higher chance of having a “re-donk-u-lus” body. 100 points to whoever can guess what television show that came from. Hint: it’s a hit comedy show that’s now off the air.

3. Eat healthy.
It’s a given. You should eat healthy. Don’t diet. Don’t use fads. Don’t use pills. Eat healthy foods. Live by the 80/20 rule. I’m a vegetarian and I still indulge in my favorite gelato or homemade cheesecake. But, do not I repeat, do not skip a meal. That’s a unhealthy thing to do.

4. Go skinny dipping.
Now with this one, go on your own for a while. Then go with your partner. Create romance with your loved one. Show them that you are confident in your body.

5. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
Just like eating healthy, you should exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym and try to get a six pack and bulging biceps. But adding some cardio, swimming, yoga, weights. Anything that gets your heart pumping. Exercise keeps you healthy and helps those with some health issues.

6. Wear lingerie.
Ladies, this one is all for you. If you like specific type of lingerie, then you should buy it and make yourself feel better. Sometimes a bra and underwear set can make you feel better about your body.

I cannot stress this enough. Confidence is the key. The key to happiness. The key to feeling sexy. The key to embracing every inch of your body and every flaw. When you are confident, then your partner is going to find you more attractive.

Body image issues have been going on for years. And not a lot of people want to help others with feeling good about themselves. I think it’s time to change this issue. I think everyone should love the body that God gave them. We’re all different heights, shapes, sizes and no two people are the same. Start loving your naked body. Start loving the body that God gave you.

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