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What Your Scale Isn’t Telling You


       You’ve been eating healthier and exercising more, yet once you have stepped on that scale that number goes up instead of going down. Instead of becoming happy, you begin to get depressed and you contemplate on giving up on your healthy lifestyle.
But here is the thing, there are things that the scale isn’t telling you.

1. Gain weight, lose inches.
You are gaining weight, but when you get measured, you are losing inches. At the beginning of any new changes, you will always gain weight but you will drastically start losing inches off your waist.

2. Muscles weigh more than fat.
It’s a given, a pound of muscle is going to weigh more than a pound of fat.

3. Every organ in your body.
The scale isn’t taking every other part of your body into consideration. You have organs inside your body. On top of that, you are about seventy percent water weight. So when it comes to weighing yourself, don’t always rely on the scale. It can be deceiving.

4. Your worth.
The scale can’t tell you how much you are worth. You are more than the number on the scale. You are loved. And you should love who you are.

5. How healthy you are.
You are eating healthier and exercising.  By the definition, you are healthy. The scale cannot tell you that.

Don’t focus so much on weighing yourself. Instead, just stick to eating healthy and exercising. You will begin to feel the change that way. Instead of weighing yourself on the scale, take pictures. You will see a change that way.
Please keep in mind, you are worth more than the number on the scale.
Just eat healthy and exercise.

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