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Passions That Move You


Look at this painting. The mixture of the dark and light colors. The beautiful flowers that are falling out of the basket. The flowing white dress that falls away from her petite body. What captures my mind, my poetic heart, and my eyes, is the mysterious face. What is she looking at? What’s on her mind? How does she see the world through her eyes? Is she happy or sad? Questions like these and more start to fill my head. This painting is an original by the Spanish painter, Vicente Romero Redondo. I love this painting. It moves me. It brings out my poetic soul. Just from this painting alone, I could write over five different poems.

Have you ever looked at a painting, listened to a song, looked at a scenery like that and have it move you so much? If so, that’s called passion. Passions equal hobbies. Hobbies can call out to a person, like a child calls out for a mother.

When you have a hobby, a passion, you should be following it. Pursuing it. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.
For me, it’s the written word. Poetry and short novels have always held a big part of my heart. I never want to lose this passion. This will forever be my life. Another passion of mine is photography. I see beauty in the most unique things. These things would usually be overlooked by a relatively normal person.

I always encourage everyone to follow their passions. To follow those hobbies. If you have kids, then help them find a passion. Show them to follow it.
For me, I hope to one day move to Spain and to Italy. I want to learn from my favorite writers over there. To learn from the photographers that inspire me.
If you have a passion, then follow it. Don’t let it slip away.

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