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Utopian Society


  In a world where there is violence around every corner, depression overtaking lives, forests and lakes being destroyed, and poachers killing animals for money; civilization is crumbling all around us.

   It’s non-stop with the things that I’m hearing. I’m constantly hearing people being killed for their religious preferences. Being killed for being gay, lesbian or transgender. Being killed for the stupidest things. On top of that, people are being bullied. Kids are being bullied because they were raised that way (see Abuse Vs Discipline on how to raise children). It’s time to end this petty crap. Time to end the violence. Time to stop having everyone hide in corners away from the world.

     With violence and bullying, it will lead to depression. And do you know what depression leads to? Either suicide or homicide will happen. Both of these are deadly and unnecessary.

     As an environmentalist, I am constantly worried about the environment that I live in. Worried about the forests deteriorating. Worried about the chemicals polluting the oceans, lakes, and air. Worried about the extinction of animals around the world. Yet, no one else is really worried about this problem.

    As you can tell, civilization is crumbling apart. In fifty years, our world will be nothing but a pile of rubble. If we are lucky, then we might get enslaved inside a lava form of our bodies just like the population of Pompeii. It’s sad that no one in this world knows that we are heading down the same path as our ancestors. Each war has always been based on religious issues or race issues, which I find completely ignorant and a complete waste of time.
I have a vision for the future. A vision that shows everyone finally getting along, Christians finally accepting the LGBT community, every race finally loving another, all religions finally living in a world where they are completely free to follow whatever religion they want without being threatened to convert to something that they don’t believe.
That’s a utopian society. That’s the society that I want to live in. That’s the society that I want to raise my own family in.

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