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Stop Body Shaming


    It’s all over the magazines and other media outlets, body shaming. You hear film critics cracking jokes at film stars, musicians, and models. On top of that, you can hear a news anchor bashing Kelly Clarkson on her body.
Why? Why do people insist on being ignorant and try to make others feel guilty about themselves?

Because they are unhappy with themselves.

There is no need to body shame someone. Everyone has a different body shape and size, we are all unique.


  Look at this handsome gentleman on the cover of ESPN. That is MLB player Prince Fielder. When this magazine had  hit the shelves, he was made fun of for his size. Critics were so harsh. I was outraged as I was hearing what critics were saying about his body. To me, I think he is a handsome man and think he has an awesome burly body.


  This picture was recently taken of my body. I’ve always had thick thighs, a small belly, thick calves, stretch marks and a booty that is dubbed “Hoots booty” ( Hoots is my last name). I’ve been the subject of body shaming. I’ve been called chubby, fat, thunder thighs. On top of that, I have also dealt with looking “too young” in the face and having a petite size. I am like a grown up version of a cabbage patch kid. And I’m perfectly fine with that.
In the words of Tyra Banks, ” Kiss my fat a**!!”

I eat healthy and stay relatively active, and my body will never look like anyone else’s and I am perfectly content with that.


Look at the picture above. See all of those words that are on the women’s bodies. That’s what everyone hears on a daily basis from society and from those around them. There is absolutely no need to bash each other’s body. You should be confident with your body. Be happy with your body

It’s time to stop, and I mean STOP body shaming everyone. Everyone is different. In my eyes, everyone is beautiful. Beautiful just the way they are. Don’t listen to the media. Don’t listen to negative people. Be happy with your body shape and size.

One thought on “Stop Body Shaming

  1. Agreed. Body shaming happens all day every day online and offline. If only people would look at their own bodies and concentrate on their own wellness instead of interfering with others. Be well, SB.


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