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An Introverted World


    In a world that is run by extroverts, it’s hard to be an introvert. I know how hard it is. Being an introvert can be hard. Most people don’t understand introverts. They don’t understand what makes us tick, why we are too quiet or too sensitive, why we rather be in our books than at some dance club.

1. Too sensitive.


      It’s really hard to say what makes us sensitive. Maybe it’s because our hearts are extremely emotional. Or the fact that we are more idealistic and daydream more than anyone else. Everyone who is an introvert is different. There are several things that makes us sensitive.

2. Our worlds.


      Like I said before, each introvert is bound to be different. That means our worlds will be completely different from one another. We don’t let anyone really into our world. Our worlds are our inner most thoughts, imagination, dreams. And it’s hard to share that with anyone.

3. Traveling vs Partying.


      Unlike most people, we don’t like parties. We don’t enjoy getting drunk and passing out in the ditch. Instead we would rather travel the world and experience cultures. I know for a fact, you will never find me at a rave. I would probably only go to Coachella to see Jack White and other favorite artists. You would never find me at a college party. Instead, you would find me either visiting renaissance fairs or traveling.
Introverts love to travel. Our dreams and goals usually have countries that we want to visit and live in.
Spain, Italy, Denmark, Bali are the top places that I want to visit and live in. And one day, I’m going to.

4. Books, books, and more books!


      Whenever an introvert goes into town, more than likely to a book shop, cafè, or a unique restaurant, they always end up with a book. Books are our favorite objects to have. We care more about our books than our clothes (brand wise), cars, other materialistic things.
    We have more books than most people do. If you look in my closets, you will see more than two hundred books. And I still have more at my parents house, when I had moved out I didn’t have enough room to bring them.

5. Forests are our homes.


       Without a doubt, introverts love nature. We would rather spend time with mother nature and the wild animals than spend time with other humans. It’s in our nature. We’ve always been like this.
     I love getting lost in the forest and go camping, than spend time inside the city.

I’m an INFP, and I know what it is like to live in this world that is run by extroverts. It’s not always easy. But I make it work. Being an introvert is an amazing thing. It makes you unique and separate from the rest of the world. We don’t like to conform, that’s a big no in our nature.

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