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Happy Earth Day!


     April 22, 2015. Today is earth day and let’s all agree right now that this earth is amazing. She provides a place to live, shelter (caves and other places inside mountains and oceans), food and water.

     Mother nature is my other mother. My mom knows that I’m very close to the earth. She knows that I would do anything to protect it from the harmful chemicals and corrupted people. She knows that I want to protect not only the earth but the wild animals that roam the land and in the sea as well.

     This earth is a beautiful place to live but with the way that others are treating her, things are spiraling down fast. And trust me, that’s not good. We do not need landfills piling up and destroying the land. Seeing metal buildings rising up and tearing up the trees that once lived there is basically the end of the world. No, I’m not talking about Armageddon. I’m talking about the earth actually ending by natural disasters such as climate changes, ocean levels rising, volcanoes erupting, lands diving back into the ocean again before another possible ice age happening.

  For me, wait scratch that, for Mother Nature, please start taking care of her. Pick up the trash on the side of the road, protect the forests, protect the animals. There are so many ways to help heal the earth and protect her.
Start today and never stop protecting mother nature.

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