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Perfect Body= Very Little Food?



      Let me start off by saying that, I love food. I mean, I LOVE FOOD! Right now, as I’m writing this post, I’m eating a vegetarian bean and veggies burrito with mango salsa and chips. I’m enjoying my dinner.

Sadly though, most girls and guys are starving themselves to achieve that supposed perfect body. First off, there’s no such thing as a perfect body. I don’t have the perfect body at all. I barely have curves, have stretch marks, small love handles, thick thighs and calves.

But you know what, I accept my body for what it is. I do not have the so called perfect body. I do not look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I look like a normal human being. Human. I’m a human. I need food. Food that nourishes my body. Food that makes me happy.


   Yes, I’m a vegetarian but there are plenty of vegetarians who are bigger than me. And that’s perfectly okay. You know why? Because we are humans. We are all made different. God made us all different. It’s a proven fact. I do not look like my friends and they do not look like me. That’s perfectly fine. We are all supposed to be different types of beauty.

I would like to point out something that is bothering me. Body shaming. If you body shame someone then you need to get some help from a psychologist. You do not have the right to trash another person’s body just because you are not attracted to them. Get over yourself. Screw society. Screw what society says about what you are supposed to look like. Screw what society says about what is beautiful and what isn’t.
Screw the media. Do not listen to them. Do not give into the ridiculous diets. It’s not worth it. Instead, love your body and eat healthy. It’s all about loving your body and yourself.


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