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Meditation Showed Me My True Career Path


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved meditating. I used to meditate throughout high school to not only get away from all of the bullying and away from everyone else, but it helped me feel better about myself. To me, meditating is a big part of my life. I feel if I don’t meditate at least three times a week I will start to crumble back down into the shell that I once resided in. I feel that meditation, in  a way, saved me. It saved me from all of the heartache I had to deal with from losing family members to dealing with isolation because I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. Meditation is definitely a life changer. I can say that with certainty. Even to this day, I still meditate. I love meditating. Either in silence or with some nature background noises, I will sit on my couch or lay on my bed and just become one with myself again.

I have learned quite a few different things about myself when it comes to meditating. I found out my strengths, my weakness, my passions, my dreams and goals, even my fears. For me to know all of those things about myself is definitely a wonderful thing. It makes it easier for me to walk through this lifetime and just do the things I want to do without being afraid to go for anything. This is why I always have a calm exterior look on my face a good portion of the time. Meditation has brought out the real me. I can remember that when I was a kid, all I loved doing was writing, reading, learning history and the environment. And when I had begun meditating at seven years old, I began to focus on what my mind was telling me. Focusing on what my soul was telling me. Yes, I was a kid. But nevertheless, my soul, my mind and my heart have never let me down. Instead with the help of meditating they actually healed me and made me into the person I was supposed to become.

During my first couple years of college, I had decided to follow what my parents thought would be best for me. To an extent, they were correct that I wanted to help others. But not in the same way like everyone else. I could never be a registered nurse or a doctor. I had no dreams for those things. I wanted to somehow incorporate my love of writing with my education of the healthcare field and make it my own. After obtaining my associates degree, I decided to head into the unknown. Granted that I actually had experience when I was seventeen and was already gaining firsthand experience of learning how to draw blood and obtain vital signs. But everything else to me was still a little unknown. I was timid. Afraid to socialize with too many people due to always being drained by the end of the day. Scratch that, by lunch time I would be completely drained and didn’t know if I could make it the rest of the day. So whenever lunch rolled around, I had to meditate for a little while to recuperate and find balance in myself before I could go back up to the front of the department. Even right now, I have to just gather my thoughts at lunch before I can head back up to do my job.

Lately I’ve been meditating more and more. And what I have found out about my own career path is amazing. I have found the career that I have always wanted. A job that can take me anywhere around the world. A job that I can be happy at. A job that would make me feel excited every morning when I wake up (I’m not a morning person at all). It brings both of my passions together, helping others and writing. It is medical writing. I am able to work with doctors, researchers, scientists, environmentalists. Medical writing gets to take me anywhere and everywhere around the world. I would have never known that if I hadn’t been meditating all of these years.

It is truly hard to say when you will actually know what career path you are meant to be in. But if you meditate, then you will get the chance to really discover what you are capable of and what you will amount to.

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