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My Spiritual Journey: Breaking The Barrier


      Sant Mat and Kabbalah. These two are similar in so many ways yet can also be a bit different. Both are of loving and simplistic lifestyle. On top of that, they each believe that God is of all creation. But the difference between them are Kabbalah is the ancient ways of Judaism, and Sant Mat is of Indian origin.
     Being a Kabbalist, I practice the ancient methods of Judaism. Which is something that I have always been into. I have been practicing the esoteric spiritual path of Judaism since I was a kid, but I never knew the correct name of it until I had found myself in the library of my high school and reading about it. I had discovered that Sant Mat was relatively similar, so I started to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. I started to realize that I had believed a lot of what I had been reading. In my heart, I have always believed in the inner world. The inner world of our souls, of mysticism, of the love for God. I believe in meditating everyday.  I believe in the eastern medicinal traditions. I don’t believe in the rites, rituals, and other nonsense things that the outer part of us partake. Putting Kabbalah and Sant Mat together, I found my spiritual path. The one that I was supposed to be on. I can say right now, that if Christian extremists read this, they would say “blasphemy!”
But they have no right to judge me.
No one does.
I don’t judge anyone’s spiritual path, therefore no one is allowed to judge my path.

    Breaking the insane barrier of the spiritual worlds is something that should have been done a long time ago. I feel more closer to God. I feel his love better now.
I have found my own spiritual path.

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