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Instant Connection: Twin Flames


      There have been several theories regarding soulmates and twin flames. Even the most famous philosopher and spiritual man, Plato, had a theory on the two.
     Soulmates can be the group of people you hang out with, related to, and even random strangers that you meet. There are over 12 people who are your soulmates.

     But when it comes to twin flames, you only have one. Now, from the bible it states that God took a rib from Adam to create his love, Eve. This is a form of a twin flame. Plato had stated that when two souls are together in the spiritual realm, they are split into two separate people. Yin and yang. Male and female. Now keep in mind, both souls can go into the same sex bodies. Yes, that means lesbians and gays will meet their twin flames in the sex that they are attracted to.

   The theory of twin flames is that you go through lifetimes to learn something and bring it with you into the next life.
Which in a way, is true. You must go through trials and tribulations to find yourself. To learn more about yourself.
If you are a female soul (and body) , then you must learn to become whole before you meet your twin flame. You must learn to embrace both femininity and masculinity. And same goes for men. When you have achieved this, you will finally meet your twin flame. Here’s a little side note. Growing up, you will see images in your dreams of the same person, that person is actually your twin flame. Everyone is different, you will either see their entire look, or only parts of them.


     In this day and age, you can meet your twin flame anywhere. Online dating, cafe’s, restaurants, parks, though friends. And when you meet your twin flame, it’s an instant connection. You don’t know how to process it. You don’t know what’s going on. Everything starts to spiral. Hearts racing. The thought of knowing them from another time is insane. The feeling of knowing them forever but recently just meeting them can be overwhelming.
It is a love that you have always dreamt of. You have so many similar interests and in certain ways kind of look like each other. But the best part, you have your own interests and completely your own person. Just like any relationship you will have your moments where things get intense. But with twin flames, it is more intense. You don’t know what to do. But the relationship is invigorating. And you know that it is meant to last forever.

    I’ve learned something. Don’t give up on every dating option. If you are not a fan of online dating, then give it a shot, you never know what might happen. If you are unsure about your community, have a friend set you up. It just takes time to meet your twin flame. But when you do, enjoy the loving relationship.

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