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Vegetarian/Vegan Dating Meat Eaters


     Now, for all of those who don’t know
me by now, I’m a pescetarian. Eating only fish, eggs, and dairy (I have to be careful due to lactose intolerance). I do not eat poultry or red meat at all. Just to clarify, I know that fish do have feelings and PETA would probably get upset at me, but pescetarian is a version of vegetarianism. I am an animal’s rights activist, just to let you all know.

      Let’s dive right into the post. Now when someone like myself, who is a vegetarian, starts dating someone who happens to be a meat eater things might get a little awkward at first. Meat eaters usually don’t understand all the reasons why someone would be a vegetarian and they apparently don’t know what you are able to eat.


     Whenever I go out to a restaurant, especially on a date I have to look over the entire menu. Most restaurants only specialize in red meat and poultry, which I obviously do not eat. My date would be able to automatically pick something, such as a hamburger and the waiter would be thrilled to have a customer know exactly what they want quickly.

     When a vegetarian/vegan dates a meat eater, there can be a little barrier. But in the end, it will be easy. There are plenty of recipes and restaurants that do cater to both types of foodies.
For me, when it comes to dating meat eaters, I have to ask them if they like fish at all. Just trying to find common ground. That’s what you need to do when dating a meat eater. Creating a common ground with your partner in the world of food definitely comes in handy.
Look up recipes that you both will love and enjoy. There are plenty of recipes out there. For example, I love fish tacos, fish and chips and vegetarian lasagna.
It creates a common ground for me and my date.

    In the end, vegetarians/vegans can date meat eaters. It just takes time to adjust to each other’s food lifestyles.

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