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Following Your Own Path


       I’ve told several people in the past this, and now I’m going to tell you. You need to follow your own path.
       Everyone’s path is supposed to be different. Whether it be spiritual, love, career, life. All paths are designed for a specific person in mind. No one else will actually go down the same path as you. And that’s perfectly fine.

       I have a friend who is still trying to find herself. She’s trying to figure out what her purpose is on this earth. She is very bright and extremely sweet, and I’ve known her most of my life, but it is sad sometimes when she is having a hard time figuring out her purpose.
I know for a fact that she will soon find her purpose, but she does need to deal with a few more experiences before it clicks inside her. I’ve told her this and she knows this to be true.
Her path in love has been exciting. She has a wonderful boyfriend and her spiritual path has brought enlightenment.

      As you can see, everyone’s paths are different. You can already excel in certain paths and still be working on other paths.  You can already have exceeded in your spiritual journey but still trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing in your career life. And that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has to take their time in order to figure out who they fully are. This is a given fact.
Just follow your own paths. Don’t follow someone else’s.

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