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An Introverts World: The Unknown


      The unknown world draws us in. It draws us in, like a moth to a flame. There is something about it that attracts us to it.
As introverts, we each have our own unknown world. Inside our minds and even in the physical realm. The unknown world in our minds stay there. It will always stay there. Not in a million years would we divulge that part of our minds.
      But when it comes to the physical  realm, it is almost easy to spot our unknown world. It could be found in other countries. Or it could even be found in the bottom of the ocean. The unknown world to us is filled with mystery, mysticism, history, unique things that we only find beautiful.
To us introverts, we have to have our mysterious lands. We have to have a place that is a treasure to us. This is how we have always been and always will be like. And when it comes to sharing these unknown lands, it will be with someone that we can confide in.

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