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Happy Mother’s Day!


     You carried us in your womb and nourished us as we grew. You were the first one we saw when we first opened up our eyes.
      Late at night when we couldn’t sleep, you would rock us in your arms so gently. Humming a few lines and stroked our heads, as we fell asleep in your arms.
      Then it was time for us to go to school. You cried as we waved and went into the room. You knew we would be done in a few hours, but it was hard to see us growing up so fast.
      As we continued to grow, another tear would fall from your eyes. You wished that we would stay little forever. You wanted to keep holding us in your arms. And not let go.
      Finally college rolled around and it was time for us to go. See the world and venture into the unknown. You were hesitant, but knew what we had to do. You knew that we needed to find ourselves in this crazy world. And finally we know what to do.
      After all these years, even though we have grown and start to have families of our own. You will always be there in our hearts, minds, and souls.
You will always be our mom and our friend.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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