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Trash The Scale For Good



       I’ve seen it time and time again. Men and women constantly jumping on the scale to check their weight. Not only once a day, but more than twice a day.
Because they are obsessed with getting their weight down. They are not taking their body mass, height, health, waist measurement, endurance, and stamina into consideration. When you are checking your weight everyday, that’s going to mess with your mind. You might wake up and feel great and see that you have gained a little weight, then you will suddenly become depressed.

        Constantly weighing yourself is a terrible idea. Instead, what you need to do is trash your scale. That’s right. Take that scale and take it outside so the trash man can take it to the dump. You don’t need that scale. It’s nothing but destructive. I got rid of mine a long time ago and I feel better. I know that I’m healthy. By the way that I eat and also by the fact that I exercise to maintain a healthy body for myself.
How can you tell if you are losing weight or feel healthy?
My clothes, how I feel on the inside and out, and also a measuring tape.
     Unlike the scale, the measuring tape is more effective. It can show that you have a healthy waist line. Men, your waist should be below 40 inches, and women, your waist should be below 35 inches. That’s just a little hint. You can feel it in your clothes. How they fit against you is one way of knowing. What you put into your body is key. It’s about eating healthy, yet being a little indulgent as well. The 80/20 rule is what I do. I love my slightly greasy fish and chips, but I also love my fruit salads. Workout, that’s a given. It doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym. But you could go for walks, jogs, yoga at home, workout dvd’s at home.

       Here’s the thing. Your weight is going to fluctuate whether you like it or not. Don’t focus on some number on the scale, that’s how food disorders and body disorders develop. Instead, just focus on being healthy and stay more grounded. Trash that scale and go enjoy that brisk walk in the park. Forget about that number on the scale. It doesn’t define you. It doesn’t define your health. And it certainly doesn’t define your worth.

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