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Letting Go of the Norms and Being Yourself


      In today’s society, everyone is pressured to be someone that they are not. People then conform to a certain way of living. Conform to being “normal”.
What is normal? How is one determined to be normal? What’s the point of fitting in? Should we conform?

      Webster’s dictionary defines normal as, “conforming to social standards.” Conform. That word makes me cringe and want to vomit. Who wants to conform? Who wants to be another cookie cutter person? I certainly don’t. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t try to fit in. Don’t conform to some ridiculous lifestyle that isn’t suited for you. Don’t conform to be someone else. If you do conform, then you are going to lose the real you. When you lose yourself, you end up losing your future. And that’s the worst possible thing that could happen, besides dying.

     As I head into my mid-20’s, I’m still the same person but I have evolved into a more mature person. Apparently too mature for my age. But nevertheless, I’m still me. Watching my favorite shows, reading my favorite books or listening to them in the car on long drives, listening to my indie/soul/acoustic/soundtrack/Brit-pop music. I don’t hang out with many people due to my introversion, but I have close friends. Hard worker but very laid back. I dislike 9  to 5 jobs. Traveling and writing are my jobs.
     I do not let my beliefs slip from my mind. And I expect that from everyone else. Sadly, no one stays true to themselves. They just sit idly by while society conforms them to be another circus monkey.

     Leave society behind. Do not conform. Do not be fooled into thinking that you need to act a certain way and live a certain way in order to fit in. Instead, be yourself. Stand out of the crowd.

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