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A Inked Lady


      Undateable, undesirable, non-lady like, unattractive, ugly. These are just a few choice words that some people have about women who have tattoos.
I’ve even heard this myself from a few guys and girls.
Do these people know that tattoos have been around since the dawn of the time?
Do they know that these tattoos are to express oneself and also to protect oneself from the evils of the spirit world or other evils?

      I would like to say that I’m a lady with tattoos and love them. I’ve designed all of my tattoos and wouldn’t get rid of them for anyone.


For example, the tattoo in the picture above is a tattoo that I designed a long time ago. It has a deep meaning to me and refuse to get rid of it for anyone. I’m very lady like. Well, I don’t like to wear high heels or wear dresses, but nevertheless, I am a lady. And I see it perfectly fine for any woman to have a tattoo on her.
To me, I see tattoos for healing and expressing oneself.
If a person has a few choice words about me, or any other woman having tattoos, then they can walk away. It will not have any effect on me. In fact, I will just smile and walk away, far awa from those who criticize my appearance and tattoos.

    If you are a lady and have tattoos, then rock those tattoos!

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