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A Link To The Past


      Ever since I was little, I’ve always been interested in finding out where my family comes from. Find out the countries that they once lived. Find out how they lived their lives.
Genealogy is a hobby of mine and will always be a hobby. And in my research, with friends and family help, I’ve been able to track down the origin of my ancestors. I knew the names of all of my great grandparents and so on, so it made it easier to find them.

    My mom’s side of the family comes from Wales and even here in the states (Native American). My dad’s family comes from Germany, Scotland, Italy and the Middle East. I’m a unique mix and embrace it. With a little help from some friends who are dna analysts and even used some dna testing sites (ancestry and  genograph project), I was able to calculate my ethnicity. Which was hard but worth it. 32.8% Scottish/Welsh, 10.2% German/French, 3.7% Scandinavian, 1.0% Finnish, 5.5% Italian, .7% Iberian, 1.1% Middle Eastern.
I’ve inherited many things from my ancestors. My dark brown copper curls, fair skin (that tans easily), petite body, my big nose, writing abilities and healing abilities come from all of my ancestors.

     I am the type of woman who keeps the link to my ancestors open. I always want to stay connected with my family from the past. They are a part of who I am. And they will be a part of my future, when I have kids one day.
Treasure your family. Treasure your ancestors. Be proud of where you come from.

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