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Time To Heal


      We live in a day and age where everyone lives a stressful life. Where everyone is constantly downing medicine pills that were given by their providers. Where everyone is trying to keep up with the demands of the 9 to 5 world. Yet, no one realizes that these things are slowly destroying them. Making them weaker. Making them easier prey to becoming extremely ill.

     In order to make sure that you do not fall ill and lose all control, you need to heal yourself. You need to take moments for yourself. If you don’t, then things will go wrong. There are plenty of ways to heal yourself:

1. Holistic healing.
This is a better alternative to heal yourself and to reconnect yourself with your soul. I recommend this to everyone. I actually use this method during my counseling sessions. *If you want holistic counseling sessions with me, feel free to contact me.

2. Yoga/ Pilates
In a sense, these two are just like holistic healings. They will reconnect you back to your soul and body. They will clear your mind and heal you.

3. Meditate
I cannot stress enough, meditation is extremely important. You can clear your mind. Clear out all of the negative energies in your mind and body and make way for the positives in your life.

4. Go Back To Nature.
Now, not everyone is an outdoorsy person. And that’s perfectly fine. But just even thirty minutes out in the garden or closest forest or ocean, and you will feel a million times better.

5. Enjoy your easy passions.
For me, it would be swimming or scuba diving, reading, writing, enjoying the smells of the forest and clear skies. Do not do anything too intense, otherwise everything will be out of balance.

   You have to learn how to heal yourself. You have to do this in order to be serene, in order to be sane. As a holistic counselor, I use the creative world of my imagination and even yours with the holistic world to create a unique way to heal everyone. As I said earlier, if you want counseling sessions, let me know.

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A Human Who Loves Humans


      I’m a human who loves other humans. I’m a person who finds both men and women very attractive. I’m a person who has two different types of people; rugged ( men) and outdoorsy feminine (women) that I’m attracted to. You put a rugged Scottish man with tattoos all over in front of me, I will be drooling. If you put a beautiful Indian woman in front of me, I will not take my eyes off of her. And in my eyes, there is nothing wrong with that.
     Now, here is the common misconception of someone who is bisexual; we date both men and women at the same time. I’m sorry, but no. That’s not even true. The only time that would be remotely true is if they were in an open relationship. But I’m a monogamist person. I believe in only dating one person at a time and if we break up, then I take a well deserved time out from dating. So I refuse to be in a open relationship.
     Now, everyone that knows me, knows I really dislike labels. Although by definition, I am a bisexual. I identify as a human who loves other humans. That’s just who I am. And the thing that I’ve learned is to be happy with yourself and be comfortable in your skin. If you are straight then that’s awesome, if you are an LGBT then you are awesome. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be happy.

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A New Change For Our Country


      Just this past week, gay marriage equality was finalized and now the entire LGBT community can finally get married. You have no idea how happy this makes me. It makes me ecstatic and overwhelmed. Once I had heard the news, my heart began to pound and I jumped up and down with joy.

      My entire life, I’ve always been an activist. Especially for equality for everyone in the world. I have always believed that everyone should be able to marry the one that they love, no matter the gender and race.
        I come from a family who most of them are against my views and are extremely religious. They are more against the equality that everyone deserves. Yes, they have their opinion, but here is the thing; it doesn’t affect anyone else if you are in love with someone who is of the same sex. I’m a human. A human who loves other humans. I don’t like labels and if you were to label me, it would be bisexual. I find men and women extremely attractive and if I want to marry a woman, I can finally do that now. And that makes me happy. I’m a Jewish woman, and many of you know this about me. But I’m the type of Jewish woman who believes love is love, no matter what.

       This is a new day and age, and in this time and from this day forward, it’s time for equality. Not just marriage equality, but equality for everyone in general all around the world. No one should be afraid. No one should have to be unhappy and not able to be with someone that they love. I’m excited that this equality has finally happened.

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Comfortable In Your Skin: Dance Away


      I would like to say that I would never bash a stripper, burlesque dancer, or any other entertainer. In fact, they are extremely comfortable in their skin. Why wouldn’t they? They look amazing. They work extremely hard to achieve that soft yet healthy body.
       There is this type of workout that is called, Strip Hop. It is more featured out in California, but more than likely you could probably find a class in your city (bigger cities are more likely). Now, this class doesn’t make you strip your clothes off. Instead, it incorporates the seductive moves of stripping with hip hop and pop to create a unique workout, while you keep your clothes on. The core premise of this type of dancing, is to get every man and woman comfortable in their skin. To have fun with the dance and embrace their unique beautiful bodies. I’m not going to lie, I actually practice this type of dancing. I feel comfortable in my skin (whereas I didn’t a couple of years ago), and have a blast dancing.
     Dancing is a fun way too get moving. To stay healthy. To embrace your uniqueness in every way. To be more confident in your skin. I’m not saying you should be doing this type of dance at any club or with any stranger. However, once you have mastered the dance of Strip Hop, you could use it to spice up your marriages or other relationships.
It’s time for every man and woman to be comfortable in their skin. Not cocky, but confident.

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2nd Viscount Rochford (Poem)


Names fill thy mind, as they do on a page.
All these beautiful women around me, it’s hard for my eyes to not stray.
My appetite is strong.
Just like any woman or man.
For God has blessed us with these creatures, it should not be wrong.

Men call me too proud.
Women say I’m too charming.
Do not be afraid dear, I’m not that alarming.
I may be too proud.
I may be too witty.
But I take my vows seriously.

My sister is strong.
As well am I.
But here on this day, it’s time that I die.
For all of those I’ve offended.
I would like to say one thing.
I am sorry.

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Happy Father’s Day


     My dad is my first hero and first love. He has always been there. Every time I got sick and every time I got hurt, he was there to make the pain go away.
     My favorite memories of spending time with my dad is watching shows like Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Impractical Jokers, Little House on the Prairie. This would be a weekly thing, but more likely daily. I always looked forward to spending time with my dad after school. We love to laugh, and play jokes on my mom, which made us laugh harder.
     Our bond as father and daughter is very strong. Our sense of humor is pretty much the same. We love to pick on each other and make each other laugh. Our personalities are alike in many ways. We excel in outdoor chores and sports. Unlike inside the household. Anxiety is a thing that we both deal with. Especially when it comes to tests. Creativity runs through our veins. Mine is writing. His is singing. My dad is the strongest and loving person that I know. He is stubborn, as well as I. We are a handful when in the same room, just ask my mom.
       We may not be completely the same. And that’s fine with the both of us. But one thing we both know, is that our bond will always be strong, no matter the distance. For my dad is my first hero and first love.


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A Feminist Who Believes in Chivalry


      I am the type of woman who believes in gender equality. I also believe in chivalry. As a feminist, I get a ton of looks when I say that. Everyone says that I’m a hypocrite. But the truth is, I’m not a hypocrite.
     I believe as a woman that we should be able to have equal pay, more positions in the political world, to be able to make it to the top in the corporate world, and to make a change in the world, just like men do. On top of that, I think it should be okay for a woman to pay for a meal or drinks without it being weird.
     However, I do like it when a guy opens the door for me, takes me to lunch or dinner, buys me flowers, and makes me feel loved and wanted. It is a nice gesture and it is nice to feel wanted and needed at the same time.
    I don’t think it’s wrong to be a feminist and still want chivalry. Instead, I think it is a great thing. I have several friends who are feminists and still want chivalry.

     I am a proud feminist. A proud feminist who believes in gender equality. A proud feminist who believes in chivalry. I’m a modern woman who still has some old fashioned traits.
There’s nothing wrong with being a feminist and believes in chivalry.