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Walking The Path of The Ancient Ones


        I’m a young Jewish woman in the United States. But here’s the thing, I’m no ordinary Jewish woman. I practice the ancient path of the Jewish sages and scholars. I also walk the path of the druid lifestyle, for I am a druid descendant.
Herbal remedies and meditation are a part of my healings. Having a philosophical mind while having a spiritual heart is what makes it easy for me to have a connection to God. Keep in mind, although I am of the Jewish religion (ancient path) I do not like the label. A label does not express my faith in God.

      As I walk this path of the ancient Jewish sages and scholars, I have learned plenty of different things. One of those things is to have an open mind and not judge. Spiritual paths are different for everyone. No one has the same path. In fact, God speaks to everyone in different ways. I have no right to judge a person’s religion, spiritual path, in this lifetime. In fact, no one should judge one another in this sense, or any other sense.
    Another thing that I have learned is to share love to everyone. There are two types of love; impersonal and personal. My type of love is impersonal. I love everything and everyone. Which for some unknown reason, others try to take advantage of. But I see a beautiful world that is filled with acceptance and peace. That’s why I show love to everyone. I believe that everyone deserves a chance. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, but that part of my love is locked away for a certain man. But for now, my impersonal love is put to good use in changing the world for the greater good.

      This path that I walk is meant for me. To help others. I do not ask for anything, but only compassion and peace in our world. And hopefully one day, I will be able to see the change in our messed up world.
Remember everyone, you are all destined to walk different spiritual paths. Do not judge others on theirs. Do not criticize.

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