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Inside My World (Poem)


         (Another poem of mine).

The scent of leather bound books fill the room.
A slight aroma from the cinnamon candle slowly goes throughout the room.
Trying it’s best to cover the scent of the books.

As I sit here, next to the window.
Overlooking the forest.
There are fifty books scattered all over the floor and my lap.
My mind has disappeared into the books.
Escaping the reality of the cruel world.

Inside my world,
Knights fight dragons.
Mermaids swim to the darkest part of the ocean.
Plato is my teacher and Hypatia teaches me fundamentals.

Inside my world,
I can see kings and queens from long ago.
The Tasmanian tiger still roams the forests,
And I can be whoever I want to be.

This is my world.
This is heaven to me.
Where I can be anything or anyone I wish to be.

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