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Becoming A Teetotaler


      Recently, I decided to become a teetotaler. A person who abstains from alcohol. There is a major reason for this change in my life.

      First off, let me say that my favorite alcohol drink would be wine. A nice glass of wine is good with a delicious dinner, but it could slowly kill me.
Just like alcohol killed my grandma. At the age of 37, my grandma passed away. I was four years old and my mom was pretty young too. My mom watched my grandma her entire life drink and drink. She was a good grandma. She had an amazing compassionate heart. But alcohol destroyed her. Destroyed her mind. Destroyed her heart physically, not spiritually.
        If I were to continue drinking alcohol, specifically wine, I would end up the same way as my grandma. Six feet under. It won’t all happen at once. It will continue slowly. Destroying me and every part of me. That’s something that I don’t want. In many ways, I’m just like my grandma. I have her smile and also have her body language. I have the first memory of being with her and I’m always going to treasure it. I don’t want to remember the beer bottle in her hand, taking her away from me. I don’t want to remember what stole her away from my mom and my great grandma. I want to remember the good times when I was in her arms and giggling.

      Yes, alcohol physically took her away from me. But it didn’t take her away from my heart and memories. Because of losing my grandma to alcohol, I have decided to abstain from alcohol.
      Plus, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that I can have such as tea, water, non-alcoholic beverages “virgin pina coladas” or “Mocktails”. I will still use wine when cooking specific pastas but that’s because it is cooked away.

      I don’t pressure others to change their lifestyles. But I do encourage others to make healthier lifestyle choices. Especially when it comes to something as serious as this.

8 thoughts on “Becoming A Teetotaler

  1. My favourite drink is wine too. I can totally understand where you’re at. My grandfather died of cirrosis of the liver and my mum and brother and sister all have alcohol problems. It took for my boyfriend to make me stop or else he will be leaving me, in a way thats a blessing. I love to hear more about your journey take care

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    1. I am terribly sorry about your grandpa. And I’m sorry for what your mom and brother are going through. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. If you would like, I can be here to support you and make sure you don’t stray.
      Have a great weekend dear.

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      1. My first name is Loni and middle name is Nicole. But you can call me Nicole or Nikki.
        I would gladly support you and help you out along the way.


  2. I have never heard you talk about your Grandmother before Loni. I have lots of memories of her. She was a good person inside and out , but you are right alcohol did take over her life. She loved your Mom so much! I am proud of your decision.


    1. It has always been a touchy subject for me, to talk about her. I always end up crying when I do. I do have a tattoo for her on my leg.
      She was a good woman, and a good grandma. I love her a lot.
      Thank you for the support aunt Jennie.


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