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Comfortable In Your Skin


      In order to make it through this life, you have to be comfortable in your skin. Be comfortable with who you are. Be comfortable with your mind. Be comfortable with your heart and soul.
      For many, this is a problem. If someone is completely comfortable with themselves, and their friends and family dislikes something about them, then it creates a major problem.

     I know. I deal with it all of the time. I’ve come to be completely comfortable in my skin. Comfortable in my heart and soul. Comfortable with how my mind works. Most of you know that I am attracted to men. Yes, I am. But I am so comfortable in myself to say that I find women extremely attractive and beautiful. I have no problem with admitting that. Yet, some of my family members, not naming anyone, dislikes that I feel this way. I have women crushes. I have man crushes. I’ve always been like this. I know for a fact that I will marry the man of my dreams, but until that happens I’m going to be looking at all of these beautiful women around the world (in a relationship, I’m monogamous).
Yes, I’m Jewish. Yes, I have a strong connection with God and all of nature. But God knows that I am like this and he loves me no matter what.

        I can tell you right now that if certain family members of mine read this, they are more than likely going to unfriend me on Facebook and not talk to me anymore. But I have come to a part in my life where I shouldn’t try to make everyone happy. If I tried to do that again then I will become unhappy, yet again. It’s not worth it.

      The moral of this post, is to be comfortable in your skin and be comfortable with your heart and soul. If there are those in your life who disapprove everything about you, then you need to remove them from your life. Keep only positive people in your life, those who support you, comfort you, and keep you grounded.

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