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Guard of Harem (Poem)


Upon arrival at the north gates,
you will meet a man with a stoic face.
Although he seems stoic and cold,
deep in his heart there’s a true lover waiting to be unfolded.

A sword on his right hip.
A knife on his left.
His hands cup behind his back,
while he watches us all with those deep brown eyes.

With the sun beating down,
A bead of sweat glistens on his dark face.
But he is unable to wipe it away.
For if he did,
Someone might attack and catch him off guard.
I look at him and smile.
I raise my rag and wipe the sweat away.
He looks at me and smiles, then moves his eyes forward.
He must keep watch of the north gates.
He must protect the city from the danger that awaits.

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