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Levant Belly Dancer (Poem)


Her hips swayed side to side,
dancing with the rhythm of the music.
Her arms gracefully moved as she danced around on the floor.
The sounds of jingling came from her hips as she glided across the floor.

Everyone was silent.
Not one peep was made.
For everyone’s eyes were fixed on her.
Watching her dance before us.

Her long black hair moved with the movement of her back.
Every time she flipped her head back and forth,
her hair fell back into place.
Her pale skin shined brighter than before.
A brown vest against her bosom, made her skin brighter.
A light pink mist skirt framed her curvy hips.
In between, her curvy stomach teased all of us.
Her stomach was pale and curvy.
Not skin and bones, but extremely curvy.
Her thick stomach grabbed all of the men’s attention.
Her stomach even grabbed my attention.
Her unique beauty captured everyone’s attention.
Men and women alike.

The beautiful belly dancer kept swaying back and forth.
Until the music stopped and she danced no more.
A round of applause filled the great hall,
For this beautiful dancer from Levant.

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