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Don’t Believe Everything You See


If you have seen this magazine cover around the grocery stores, then you should know who is supposedly on the cover. Britney Spears is on the magazine cover. She’s showing off her “new” body.  No offense to Ms. Spears, but this is not even real. And she knows this for a fact.

When Ms. Spears was featured in Women’s Health Magazine, she had lost a lot of weight and toned up. I would like to congratulate her on achieving this. Especially since she dealt with weight issues for a number of years. But when she had debuted on the magazine cover, there was something extremely wrong. And by wrong, I mean every inch of her was messed up. The amount of photoshop is overwhelming. Her face changed, to the point that she was unrecognizable. Her abs are extremely toned, back to when she was 16 years old and singing “Baby One More Time”. Her thighs were too skinny and way too perfect. On top of that, her skin seemed to glow like she was baking out in the sun for 15 days straight. And not one inch of cellulite could be found on her.

Now, I’ve seen pictures of her out on the sidewalks (I don’t pay attention to celebrities, but these have popped up on the television), all natural, in shorts and tank tops. She looks great, but her legs has cellulite galore. And she has thicker, yet somewhat flat, stomach.

The moral of this post, is to remind you, don’t believe everything you see. Fashion photographers have this thing called, photoshop. And they constantly use it to manipulate everyone’s minds to believe that you have to have a specific body to get on the cover of a magazine.
Yes, eating healthy and exercising can keep you healthy. But don’t believe in magazines and other crap that you see in the stores and other media outlets. Instead, embrace your unique body shape and size. Embrace your unique beauty.

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