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Protect All Animals


      As an animal rights activist, I’m constantly trying to protect all animals from danger. Protect them from the dangers of the human race.
      All those who read my posts know that I’m a pescatarian, a form of vegetarianism. And yes, most of you are scratching your head asking yourself how I could still eat fish if  I am a animal rights activist. Here’s how. I only eat the fish that are not raised in farms, not chemically induced, and not endangered. I protect the endangered fish that swim the oceans, lakes, and rivers. You are probably thinking that I’m a hypocrite, but I’m not.

      Now, that being said, I keep seeing posts on my personal Facebook from friends and family about people dragging their animals down the road by their trucks. And this makes me furious. I’m fuming right now as I write this post. As a protector of animals, this makes me furious. I want to curse the human race for becoming ignorant, but I’m not going to. The reason is because I see a glimmer of hope for this race.
      Right now, as you read this, a owner is dropping their dog or cat down a country road, right where my parents live. Right now, as you read this, innocent bears are being tortured by circus people and by some zoos.

       There’s no reason for this to be happening. None whatsoever. Animals shouldn’t have to live in constant fear. Just like the humans shouldn’t have to live in constant fear either. It’s time to turn those in who dare treat an animal this way. Those who do this should be in jail, serving at least 5 years. That’s just my opinion.
       Do you have what it takes to stand up against those who mistreat a dog, bear, cat, or any other animal? If so, then save the ones that are in trouble.

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