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Giving The Heart


      Time and time again, I’ve heard from men and women alike saying, “You are screwed! You will never find someone.”
Why do they say this? You ask.
The reason why is because I don’t settle. I don’t give my heart to just anyone.
       My heart is somehow divided. Let me explain. My type of love is impersonal. And that means I love everyone and everything equally. Humans and animals alike, I love them all equally. However, there’s a side to my heart that’s only reserved for one special man. That man has to be extremely special to capture my heart. I’m the type of woman who believes in one true love. The type of love that doesn’t ever end. A hopeless romantic, yet also realistic. Yes, I believe in the perfect (imperfect) person for me. But I also believe that not every relationship is perfect (everyone argues).

          Yes, I’m irrationally picky (according to some), but I would rather be picky than settle for someone who I do not connect with. My advice to others is to be careful with who you give your deepest part of your heart to.
Don’t be too eager to fall in love so quickly with someone who you are not compatible with. You will not be happy with yourself. And you will not be happy with the relationship. You should be with the one that you are compatible with on every level.

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