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Creating A New Life: Stress Free


      Recently I had an intense allergy and panic attack, that melted together. While this had happened, paralysis had taken over my hands and forearms. My hands swelled up and formed into misshapen claws, and I was unable to hold a cup of water. My breathing was uncontrollable. I had to be put on four liters of oxygen and a nebulizer. I’m used to having allergy attacks and I’m used to having panic attacks, but this was the first one to paralyze me for a short period of time. I do not want your pity. I do not want you to worry about me. I’m not used to that. I’m used to taking care of everyone else.

       But with this happening to me, I have realized that I have to reevaluate my life. Reevaluate my stress. Reevaluate my allergies. Reevaluate the department of medicine that I work in. So far, here is what I have changed:

1. Take things slower.
Instead of trying to keep up with the rest of the 9-5 world, I’ve realized that I need to take things at my own pace. When I get up, I make hot tea and oatmeal, but I do it just a little slower. Let my body adjust to everything.

2. Follow my spiritual path more.
Many of you know that I follow the ancient paths of my Jewish heritage and Native American/Welsh heritage. And with that, I continue to use my knowledge of my heritages and put it to use when I meditate longer and take more hikes.

3. Pursue more of my interests.
Apple picking, pumpkin picking, reading, hiking, swimming, zip lining, writing poetry, photography, dancing, painting, watch DVD series, spending time in orchards, star gazing; these are a few interests of mine and you might notice that for the most part they are relatively calm activities, with a dash of excitement thrown in.

4. Eat slower.

Here in the United States, everyone is constantly eat fast. Running to McDonald’s instead of making food at home and bringing it to work.
I always make my food, due to allergies and also food preferences (I’m a pescatarian – fish, eggs, vegetables, grains, very little dairy, fruit). With that, I take more time enjoying my food. Eating it slowly. Letting my system digest well.

5. Clean out everything.
Overall, I have more books and movies than I do clothes. But when I decide to clean for the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, I go through everything. I take my time and go through every appliance, every article of clothing, and every book that I have and see if I truly need it. If not, then I donate it to charity.

6. Wrong area?
Working in the medical field, it can get quite hectic. You are constantly stressed. Constantly on the move. You barely get a break.
I love helping people, but the department I work in is extremely intense. And I’ve realized that I need to be a different department. To be less stressed, to work more one on one with the patients, to use my writing in the healthcare field.
If you feel like your work is holding you back, and creating too much stress, then you should reevaluate your work.

For those who read my posts and follow me, use these few steps to make your life stress free.

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