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Happy Father’s Day


     My dad is my first hero and first love. He has always been there. Every time I got sick and every time I got hurt, he was there to make the pain go away.
     My favorite memories of spending time with my dad is watching shows like Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Impractical Jokers, Little House on the Prairie. This would be a weekly thing, but more likely daily. I always looked forward to spending time with my dad after school. We love to laugh, and play jokes on my mom, which made us laugh harder.
     Our bond as father and daughter is very strong. Our sense of humor is pretty much the same. We love to pick on each other and make each other laugh. Our personalities are alike in many ways. We excel in outdoor chores and sports. Unlike inside the household. Anxiety is a thing that we both deal with. Especially when it comes to tests. Creativity runs through our veins. Mine is writing. His is singing. My dad is the strongest and loving person that I know. He is stubborn, as well as I. We are a handful when in the same room, just ask my mom.
       We may not be completely the same. And that’s fine with the both of us. But one thing we both know, is that our bond will always be strong, no matter the distance. For my dad is my first hero and first love.


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