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Comfortable In Your Skin: Dance Away


      I would like to say that I would never bash a stripper, burlesque dancer, or any other entertainer. In fact, they are extremely comfortable in their skin. Why wouldn’t they? They look amazing. They work extremely hard to achieve that soft yet healthy body.
       There is this type of workout that is called, Strip Hop. It is more featured out in California, but more than likely you could probably find a class in your city (bigger cities are more likely). Now, this class doesn’t make you strip your clothes off. Instead, it incorporates the seductive moves of stripping with hip hop and pop to create a unique workout, while you keep your clothes on. The core premise of this type of dancing, is to get every man and woman comfortable in their skin. To have fun with the dance and embrace their unique beautiful bodies. I’m not going to lie, I actually practice this type of dancing. I feel comfortable in my skin (whereas I didn’t a couple of years ago), and have a blast dancing.
     Dancing is a fun way too get moving. To stay healthy. To embrace your uniqueness in every way. To be more confident in your skin. I’m not saying you should be doing this type of dance at any club or with any stranger. However, once you have mastered the dance of Strip Hop, you could use it to spice up your marriages or other relationships.
It’s time for every man and woman to be comfortable in their skin. Not cocky, but confident.

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