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A New Change For Our Country


      Just this past week, gay marriage equality was finalized and now the entire LGBT community can finally get married. You have no idea how happy this makes me. It makes me ecstatic and overwhelmed. Once I had heard the news, my heart began to pound and I jumped up and down with joy.

      My entire life, I’ve always been an activist. Especially for equality for everyone in the world. I have always believed that everyone should be able to marry the one that they love, no matter the gender and race.
        I come from a family who most of them are against my views and are extremely religious. They are more against the equality that everyone deserves. Yes, they have their opinion, but here is the thing; it doesn’t affect anyone else if you are in love with someone who is of the same sex. I’m a human. A human who loves other humans. I don’t like labels and if you were to label me, it would be bisexual. I find men and women extremely attractive and if I want to marry a woman, I can finally do that now. And that makes me happy. I’m a Jewish woman, and many of you know this about me. But I’m the type of Jewish woman who believes love is love, no matter what.

       This is a new day and age, and in this time and from this day forward, it’s time for equality. Not just marriage equality, but equality for everyone in general all around the world. No one should be afraid. No one should have to be unhappy and not able to be with someone that they love. I’m excited that this equality has finally happened.

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