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A Human Who Loves Humans


      I’m a human who loves other humans. I’m a person who finds both men and women very attractive. I’m a person who has two different types of people; rugged ( men) and outdoorsy feminine (women) that I’m attracted to. You put a rugged Scottish man with tattoos all over in front of me, I will be drooling. If you put a beautiful Indian woman in front of me, I will not take my eyes off of her. And in my eyes, there is nothing wrong with that.
     Now, here is the common misconception of someone who is bisexual; we date both men and women at the same time. I’m sorry, but no. That’s not even true. The only time that would be remotely true is if they were in an open relationship. But I’m a monogamist person. I believe in only dating one person at a time and if we break up, then I take a well deserved time out from dating. So I refuse to be in a open relationship.
     Now, everyone that knows me, knows I really dislike labels. Although by definition, I am a bisexual. I identify as a human who loves other humans. That’s just who I am. And the thing that I’ve learned is to be happy with yourself and be comfortable in your skin. If you are straight then that’s awesome, if you are an LGBT then you are awesome. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be happy.

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