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Time To Heal


      We live in a day and age where everyone lives a stressful life. Where everyone is constantly downing medicine pills that were given by their providers. Where everyone is trying to keep up with the demands of the 9 to 5 world. Yet, no one realizes that these things are slowly destroying them. Making them weaker. Making them easier prey to becoming extremely ill.

     In order to make sure that you do not fall ill and lose all control, you need to heal yourself. You need to take moments for yourself. If you don’t, then things will go wrong. There are plenty of ways to heal yourself:

1. Holistic healing.
This is a better alternative to heal yourself and to reconnect yourself with your soul. I recommend this to everyone. I actually use this method during my counseling sessions. *If you want holistic counseling sessions with me, feel free to contact me.

2. Yoga/ Pilates
In a sense, these two are just like holistic healings. They will reconnect you back to your soul and body. They will clear your mind and heal you.

3. Meditate
I cannot stress enough, meditation is extremely important. You can clear your mind. Clear out all of the negative energies in your mind and body and make way for the positives in your life.

4. Go Back To Nature.
Now, not everyone is an outdoorsy person. And that’s perfectly fine. But just even thirty minutes out in the garden or closest forest or ocean, and you will feel a million times better.

5. Enjoy your easy passions.
For me, it would be swimming or scuba diving, reading, writing, enjoying the smells of the forest and clear skies. Do not do anything too intense, otherwise everything will be out of balance.

   You have to learn how to heal yourself. You have to do this in order to be serene, in order to be sane. As a holistic counselor, I use the creative world of my imagination and even yours with the holistic world to create a unique way to heal everyone. As I said earlier, if you want counseling sessions, let me know.

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