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Improving Body Image


We must start to have a better outlook on our bodies. A positive image of who we are as people and of the bodies that we live in. It is time that everyone starts to love one another and love your own body. I’ve always believed that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And with saying that, I look at everyone and see a beauty that is not only on the outside, but on the inside as well in each person.

Just like everyone, I’m subjected to those who decide to point out my imperfections and to be made fun of them for that. But I have learned to look them in the eyes and tell them that their opinions on my body doesn’t not bother me, nor do their opinions make me be ashamed of my body. Yes, I have thick thighs and calves that has cellulite. But my legs are extremely strong and powerful. Yes, my butt is not big but more a slightly flatter round shape. It may be hard for me to wear a dress, but I look great in jeans. Yes, I have a long torso with a small paunch. But you know what, my stomach is still strong. No I do not have a six pack, nor do I want it. Whenever I have kids, my abdomen will be healthy for them. Yes, I can pick up heavy objects and throw a mean right hook, but I also use my arms to hug my family and friends. I use my hands to care for others. Yes, I look like a grown up cabbage patch kid with my curly hair and younger face, but I have learned that I will age like fine wine. Yes, my nose is large and strong. But I inherited my nose from my Mediterranean and middle eastern heritage. And I’m proud of it. Yes, I have several tattoos, but it doesn’t mean for others to judge who I am and what I look like. I have learned to have a better outlook on my body and of life. I’ve concocted a list of things that I believe everyone should live by:

1. Do not focus on what other bodies look like.
Everyone looks different. No two people look the same. Not even twins look the same.

2. Focus on the positives of your body.
You may have a strong pair of legs or a beautiful complexion. Yes, everyone has flaws and you should embrace them, but your main focus should be on the positives.

3. Don’t always focus on what you look like. Focus on you as a whole.
Looks are not everything. When you are in your 80’s, you will not look like a 30 year old. Focus on your mind. Focus on your soul. Focus on your heart. Focus on your personality. These are just as important, wait…they are a million times more important than focusing on your looks.

4. Understand that not everything is as it seems.
All the magazines around the world use photoshop, a useless tool that is used to fabricate a lie to all those who read the magazines. Trust me, everyone has stretch marks or cellulite. Trust me, everyone does not have a six pack or toned up legs with a thigh gap. And on this, I would like to say that a thigh gap is truly unobtainable. The only ones who can possibly achieve such a thing, would be those who have natural wide hips and thighs.

5. You don’t need validation from others to feel beautiful.
This one is pretty much right to the point. No need to dive deeper on this one.

6. Embrace your flaws.
I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again, no one is perfect. I’m not perfect nor are you. But instead of sitting at home with a pint of ice cream complaining about the flaws, look at them as it making you unique. Which in turn makes you beautiful.

7.  Surround yourself with positive energy.
You must have positive people around you. There should be no negative input in your life. No one should be making fun of your body, your mind or of your family and friends. If such people exist in your life, you should distance yourself from them. It is unhealthy.

8. Do the things that make you happy.
If you like to go to the library and read, then do that. If you want to play football (soccer) or American football, then do it. I enjoy the highland games and golf. It’s much fun and I wish that the States had the highland games here.
If you are doing the things that you love then you will be a much happier person.

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