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Embracing Your Flaws


  This is the first photo on my site that shows my body in a different way. This is the first time on this site where I strip down and show my flaws. I’m not afraid of my flaws. On the contrary, I’ve learned to accept them. As you can tell, I have a small paunch. No six pack is around. As you can see, I have strong legs but I also have a lot of cellulite  and stretch marks that is on my thighs and towards my bottom. I know that these are my flaws, and I’ve learned to accept them. Even though I have those stretch marks and cellulite on my thighs and bottom, my legs are extremely powerful. Even though I have a small paunch, my core is very strong and my planks can last for several minutes. Not only that, my body is healthy to have a baby. Keep in mind, I’m far from being a mom.

   Many of you know that I am extremely stubborn and very compassionate about the things that I fight for. And when it comes to these ridiculous beauty standards, I am constantly fighting them with full force. Let me point out that beauty standards have changed over thousands and thousands of years. Voluptuous women with curls ruled the ancient Greek world,  natural bodies were considered beautiful during the Renaissance era, the boyish look ruled the 1920’s. And that’s just the women. Men’s beauty standards have changed as well, from wigs to metrosexual (manicures and pedicures, among many other things).  You should not hide from your flaws. Instead you should embrace them. They are what makes you who you are. Do not let society tell you that you are not beautiful. Do not let society dictate your body.
You do not need validation from others to feel beautiful. You certainly don’t need validation from the media. End of story.
You are beautiful.

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