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What Makes A Perfect Match


Character, morals, humility, humor, compassion, intellect, passion among many other key parts is what makes a perfect match for two people. It isn’t the six pack nor is it the perfect waist to hip ratio that brings two people together. Yes, physical appearance is somewhat important in finding the ideal mate, but it shouldn’t be the most important thing. One must find the key personality traits in order to be fully attracted to a person.

Recently, I saw a story of a young couple who were made fun of. The girl is a pretty young woman. Very big smile and seems to have a caring personality. Her boyfriend seems to be the joy of the party and a compassionate heart. But the problem with this couple, according to a lot of people is that her boyfriend is too fat and she deserves to be with someone who is more attractive. Yes, he is a bit bigger but why should that matter. Why should a physical characteristic determine if a person should or should not be with someone?
It shouldn’t. I think the young man who everyone is talking about is a handsome man. He cares a great deal for his girlfriend. And they are a perfect couple on every level. That’s all that matters.

At the beginning of the post, I listed the main traits that are truly important. Those traits should never be overlooked. They should be sought out for in a partner, in a soul mate, in a twin flame. Yes, physical attraction is important as well. You want to be attracted to them on every level, ranging from physical to personality to soul. But character traits are highly more attractive than a six pack will ever be. Don’t forget that. Also remember, looks will fade. No one will look the same in their 80’s. That’s why personalities are highly sought out more. My great aunt and uncle have been married for over 60 years and they fall in love all over again every day.

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