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Cleansing Your Body


     There are many reasons as to why a person should be cleansing their body. It could be for health reasons, spiritual reasons, or for other reasons why a person would cleanse. It is all up to the person and their preferred method.
I am the type of person who cleanses for health (mind and body) and for spiritual reasons. I eat healthy and take part in exercise. I take part in the ancient rituals of my native ancestors from the Americas and from the British Isles to keep my surroundings safe. It’s just because that’s how I cleanse myself. It’s how I feel better.

     I always recommend to everyone to partake in cleansing yourself. Whether it be in meatless Mondays to taking up a new workout or to a spiritual retreat. Cleansing yourself is a great thing to do. You live in your current body for only a short period of time, so you must take care of it until it is time for you to go.

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