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Embracing Sexiness Modestly


      I’ve always believed that a person should embrace their sexy side. Showcase their most attractive assets. Everyone does it differently. Some tend to bare every inch of their skin, while others tend to cover every section in loose clothing. There is no wrong or right way of doing it, and if someone calls you names for it, then what you should do is turn your head and walk away. You know yourself better than anyone.
     For me, I do things a little bit differently from most women my age. I embrace my sexy side with tailored clothing and showcasing this part of myself in a more confident matter. I’m not much into dresses, but when I do get dressed up, I wear tailored dresses with a keyhole neckline and show-off my legs (a best feature). But in everyday life, I wear a pair of jeans with either a tee shirt or tank top and feel sexy and confident in that. I don’t believe in having to show off every inch of my skin to feel sexy. There’s a reason for this…
Confidence is a very key part in embracing your sexy side. Confidence is more important than anything else. It’s more important than five pounds of makeup. More important than picking up some man or woman at the local pub. 
In order to be sexy.
In order to feel sexy.
You must own your confidence.
Embrace your confidence.
Rock your confidence.
And be yourself without feeling the ignorant judgement of others.

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