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Knowledge is Power


    Ancient Greek, cultures, ancient Egypt, mummies, King Arthur, dinosaurs, magic, papyrus, the secrets of the ancient sexual worlds, Valley of the Kings, Cleopatra; these are just a few things that I am obsessively always learning. My body shivers every time a new piece of evidence surfaces into our world. The hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stands up. I cannot help it. I’m the type of person who values knowledge as a powerful thing. Not money nor fashion. But knowledge. Every time I get a book on the ancient civilizations, I get giddy. My mind starts to run amuck and I can’t stop it.
     To this day, I can still see the image of seeing Queen Cleopatra floating down the Nile River on the royal boat. Not only that, I can see myself walking down the cobbled streets of ancient Italy and making my way to the markets and smell the fresh fish and vegetables that filled the air. With all of the information that I have ever gathered from my childhood and also my own information on certain things that no one else knows (for some unknown reason, I know secret things that know one knows of certain places and people, in a way it feels as though I lived in those times), I am able to have an insane amount of information of everything of the past. This actually comes in handy when I see what is going on in the world today. For example, I have gone over how President Obama is just like King John Lackland in another post, due to the amount of knowledge that I obtain.

      In my eyes, knowledge is power. Knowledge is more important than materialistic things that we obviously do not need. Do not take school for granted. Do not roll your eyes when the teacher says that there will be a test. Do not make fun of those who are just like me, those who are very interested in learning. Because knowledge is important.

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