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Mo Ghràidh (My Love)


     Mo ghràidh, my love, is a term of endearment that is used over in Scotland. It is the equivalent to dear, sweetheart, sweetie, darling. And I have noticed that a lot of women and men actually get extremely mad when anyone calls them these terms. There is nothing wrong with being called love, sweetheart, dear or darling. And there is nothing wrong with being called ma’am or sir. Those are terms that show respect. I call others by sir and ma’am, unless they say that I can call them by their names.

      I get called ma’am all the time, and I am perfectly fine with that. For the most part, I do tell them that it is kind of them to respect me in that matter but they could call me by my name.
     When someone calls you one of the endearment names, don’t get mad. They are a billion times better than anyone calling you b*tch, slut, or any other derogatory term. And if someone calls you sir or ma’am,  take it as a sign of respect. Respecting everyone through endearment terms is better. Respecting everyone in general will make it easier for everyone to get along.

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