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Stop Ruining Masterpieces


All over the internet there are those who have decided to use photoshop on paintings that are either very well known and even those that are not well known. For those of those who do not know what photoshop is, it is a piece of equipment that modifies pictures to anyone’s liking such as getting rid of curves to removing blemishes. It’s one thing to use photoshop on your own photos, but to destroy a painting that is already a masterpiece is a whole other thing.

When I had seen what others were doing, I wanted to puke. These people have decided to make these wonderful paintings “more desirable”. I’m sorry, but the subjects are already desirable. The curves are beautiful. The raw subject is captivating. The women do not need to be slimmed down. There’s no reason for this to happen. When the painters were painting, they used the bodies that God gave them. Natural looking women and men in the paintings are extremely beautiful and should not be messed with.
Stop using photoshop on these paintings. I could care less if you use it to destroy your own image just to impress others, that your own choice (I actually do care, but that’s another post).  But do not use it on a beautiful masterpiece.

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