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Simplifying Your Home


I’ve always been the type of person who believes in simplicity. The type of person who values the unorthodox unique objects that I find. The type of person who mixes the eccentricity part of my style with the simplicity of colors.

I have downsized my book collection from over 300 to 75 books, and donated those that I didn’t want to local libraries, charities and schools. My furniture is simple and few, but eclectic. I make each piece unique yet simple. A couple of nightstands that are built for holding my books. A small bistro cafe dining table with simple chairs that I call elegant bohemian. My small living room space is comprised of a low couch and a unique table where the television and dvd player sits, along with the many dvd holder folders with my classic movie collection and television series. All of my journals are placed near my bed so I can work on my poetry and other books. And an area to practice my yoga and meditation.
My studio apartment is quaint and homey. Simple yet eclectic at the same time.

You don’t need to have a ton of stuff in your apartment or house. You can keep it simple and at the same time, throw in your sense of interior style design. Get rid of the trash. And donate those things that you have not used within the past year.

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