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The Gatekeeper (Poem)


Walking to the elevator door,
I feel a sense of coming home.
I nod to the gatekeeper and she opens it up.
We step inside,
I stand to the left with her to the right.
She presses a button and up we go.
A jerk motion happens and the gatekeeper nods.
Right behind me,
A door appears.
I open it without a second thought.

Fresh air greets me,
As if I’m a long lost friend.
The smell of ocean waves start rolling in.
I walk down the dirt path,
Towards the shores of the ocean.
And feel that I’m home once more.
I don’t want to leave this time.
I don’t want to go back to the future.
But alas, I shall go.
I walk back towards the door.
I look back and take it all in.
I smile and step back in the elevator.
I nod to the gatekeeper,
And she takes me back.
When I am ready,
I will come back again.

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