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Soothing The Soul: Chamomile Tea


I am the type of person who loves to enjoy a good cup of tea. Especially right before bed, that way I am able to fully relax and calm down my organs. The tea that I like to enjoy is a cup of hot chamomile tea. Just one cup always does the trick. My mind begins to relax and my body slowly begins to shut down. My soul starts to replenish while I finish my cup of tea. As a holistic counselor, I’ve always believed that herbs have such amazing effects on the body. They can heal you without hurting you, that’s if you do not abuse them. And chamomile is one of those herbs that I recommend you try as a tea, especially right before bed. I usually have chamomile tea almost every other night and it is delicious. I also enjoy the occasional morning cup of hot tea with either water or orange juice with my breakfast, but that’s a whole other post.

When you want to relax your mind, your body, and your soul before bed, then give chamomile tea a try. It is a million times better than relying on the prescriptions that your physician is shoving in your face. I have a friend who suffers from insomnia and getting her to drink chamomile tea before bed has worked wonders. She falls asleep within an hour or so. And you can too if you drink a cup of hot chamomile tea before bed. Just remember what I said, do not abuse the herb. Herbs are magical plants that can help cure you, but when they are abused, you can get addicted or get sick. Everything has to be in moderation.
Tea is a perfect drink that heals your organs slowly and effectively. And chamomile tea can soothe your soul.

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