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My chapbook


This is truly amazing, I never thought that my poetry would be going all around the world. It truly is humbling.
I am pleased to announce that my poetry chapbook is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BooksAMillion, and in selected stores such as Wired Cafe, and selected bookstores in India, Denmark and Ireland.

On top of this, my next poetry chapbook will be released around Thanksgiving. It is a collection of my poems that are inspired by time traveling. And I would like to let everyone know that I am going to be releasing a beginner herbal remedy book for those who would like to follow the holistic approach to healing oneself. I’ve always been into the eastern medicinal traditions and prefer them over the modernized western approach. I hope all who reads my posts, and reads my book enjoys my work. I love to write, I don’t know what I would do if I was unable to use my vivid imagination for my poetry and knowledge of the holistic approach to heal others.

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