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Old Fashioned Romance


What happened to the old fashioned romance? The type of romance that leaves you speechless and sweeps you off your feet. The type of romance that captures you from the beginning and you never want it to end. That type of romance. That’s the type of romance that I crave. I want to meet my future spouse in a unusual, unexpected way. Maybe while I’m traveling or at a bookstore or museum. Yes, I’m am a hopeless romantic. And that’s what I wish for, but I know that ultimately it won’t happen that way. But I still want that old fashioned romance, the type you read in Jane Austen books or even in Jane Eyre.

Sadly though, the real romance is covered by these books and movies that show being abusive and using cliches to obtain ones heart. Which I find completely insulting. Just tonight, when I was walking to go check my mail, a group of boys in a truck pulled up and used a stupid pick up line that went along the lines of “have you seen my turtle, he needs to take his meds?” Then proceed with, “is there a hot girl who lives here? Is she hotter than you? I highly doubt it, it’s  impossible for someone to be hotter than you.” Hearing those outrageous pick up lines, I was annoyed, but admittedly a little impressed. They sure did revamp the old cliche pick up lines, but ultimately, I was extremely annoyed and irritated with these boys. I call them boys, due to the fact that they had to resort to pick up lines. In my eyes, you are not a man if you have to use pick up lines. In my eyes, you are not a man if you have to have your friends around you to even make a move on a woman. Plus these boys seemed to be in their early to mid twenties, and they were making themselves look like a bunch of fools. To be a man, in my eyes, there are things that you should and shouldn’t be doing. And using stupid cliche pick up lines is a massive don’t in my book.

I hope that I am not the only one that wants the old fashioned romance. And I hope that you don’t use ridiculous pick up lines.

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